Building on 50 years of aviation innovation, the new King Air C90GTx supplies even more iconic performance and value than ever before.  State–of–the–art engineering and new design features have elevated the C90GTx’s already impressive capabilities.   With greater range and efficiency, this entry level twin–turboprop aircraft is ready to meet the needs of value-conscious business and personal travelers.   Please visit our business partner, Advantage Aviation Charter, for more information about private flight charter.

The Beechcraft King Air C90GTx, a pressurized turboprop, offers safe, comfortable

and cost-effective private air travel

Twin-engine high performance turbines offer safety and stability

Short field performance for both take-offs and landings makes it very useful and versatile - it can get you in and out of just about any airport 

Flexibility, performance and reliability ON-DEMAND, when it is convenient for YOU


N448CR - King Air C90GTx