Luxurious, comfortable executive seating for 6 passengers

(up to 7 passengers with single pilot operation)

Elegant square-oval cabin offers more head, shoulder

and legroom for passengers and stowage, without

the squeeze of light-jet interiors

Comfortable, quiet cabin has 26 dynamic vibration

absorbers mounted throughout, electronically tuned

to absorb propeller vibrations

Fresh air outlets are provided for all passengers

Seven cabin windows come with adjustable polarization

Large aft baggage bay is heated, pressurized,

and accessible in-flight

Work & Dining Tables

Fully Stocked with Drinks and Snacks

Aft Lavoratory


Interior Specifications

Normal Cruise Speed                               318 mph​  

Max Range at Long Range Cruise        1500 miles 

Max Cruise Altitude                               28,000 feet

​New composite winglets reduce drag and improve climb performance, handling and fuel efficiency 

Powered by two dependable Pratt & Whitney Canada

PT6A–135A turbine engines providing 1,100 horsepower 

State-of-the-art Cockpit with XM Weather

and Collins Pro-Line 21 avionics

Dual aft strakes to reduce drag and improve yaw stability, pilot control and passenger ride quality

Increased payload capabilities allow for more fuel

and carrying capacity for more distance

Crown wing lockers for additional storage space

outside the cabin (i.e., luggage, golf clubs, skis)